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We're continuing our series on getting ready for that fateful day April 15th it's going to be here before you know it last week we talked about contributing making your contribution to your self-directed IRA and the fact that depending on what tax bracket you're in the IRS will help you make that contribution by increasing the amount of your refund hopefully so be sure and talk to your tax professional about that and and do that pretty soon so that you don't end up getting closer to April 15th and then and then being rushed for time to get that contribution in you have until April 15th of this year to make your contribution for 2021 so keep that in mind today I wanted to just talk to you real quick about what you'll need to actually file your income tax and if you took a distribution during 2021 whether you it was an RM D because you're over 70 and a half or you just took money out as part of your retirement income or if you took money out early before you turn 59 and a half any of those instances you should have gotten at 1099 not only from Sunwest trust but if you have IRAs from other places that you might have taken money out of you would get a 1099 int that document tells you how much you took out of your IRA and then so you should give that to your to your your tax professional whoever prepares your taxes so that then they can include that into your gross income figure in calculating your income tax liability now if you're under fifty nine and a half and you didn't meet one of the exemptions that are available you will also have to pay a ten percent penalty for early withdrawal but if you were over fifty nine and a half and you were just taking as a part of your you know part of your regular distributions for income income purposes for you then then there won't be the penalty there's also some other ways that you could get 1099 a 1099 because you got income out of your IRA you know if you were taking it out over five years over your lifetime from an that you inherited so basically if you got money out of your IRA in 2021 you will get a 1099 and you will use that 1099 to prepare your taxes next time we'll be talking about 5498 and how those work and there's some I was gonna say exciting changes but I don't know how exciting it is there are some some changes coming to 5498 and we'll explain those so I look forward to seeing you next week and talk to talking to you about 5498 and the exciting or maybe not so exciting changes coming to those so we'll look forward to seeing you again next week.

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