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Internal Revenue Service (IRS): How should I do my taxes as a contractor?
First of all, you don't need a W-9 from someone for whom you are working as an independent contractor; it's the other way around. You must provide a W-9 to anyone from whom you are receiving income that must be reported to the IRS on an information return. See Instructions for the Requester of Form W-9 (01/2011).Payments of $600 or more made to an independent contractor for services provided in the course of a trade or business are reported to the contractor on Form 1099-MISC. If you're not performing your side job for someone conducting a trade or business they generally don't have to give you a 1099-MISC; see the Instructions for Form 1099-MISC (2022). That does not mean that you don't have to report the income you receive - you are still receiving it as compensation for services rendered.You report the income from the side jobs you perform on Schedule C. On Line 11 of Schedule C you can deduct the amounts that you pay to your contract labor. Note that you will have to receive a W-9 from your contractors, and provide them with Form 1099-MISC, if you pay any one of them $600 or more. Your state may require you to register with the state and pay other fees for licensing, etc., if you are conducting a trade or business within that state. The definition of "conducting business" can be a bit tricky; you might want to consult with a lawyer who specializes in working with small businesses.
How do kindle book royalties and income tax work?
Extending Lee Ballentine's answer:Royalty income for Kindle sales - which is how Amazon reports this to you on Form 1099-MISC - is self-employment income only when you are in the business of writing books - see the discussion of royalty income in Chapter 12 of Publication 17 (2022), Your Federal Income Tax. Otherwise you report royalty income in Part 1 of Schedule E. You deduct any out-of-pocket expenses relating to the creation of the Kindle book for which you have documentation on that same schedule (realize that you need to be able to document not only that you incurred and paid the expense but that the expense was directly related to the creation of the Kindle book).Also, as I noted in my comment to Lee's answer, creating a single-member LLC by itself does not change the tax treatment of the income; you would have to elect to have the LLC treated as a corporation for tax purposes if you wish to do that. In this particular case, where you don't appear to be in the business of writing books, it wouldn't usually make sense to create the separate structure and choose to handle it as a corporation.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS): How many W-2s were issued in 2022. How many Forms 1099-MISC?
I don't have an answer as I was also unable to find this statistic anywhere.  I can tell you that the Social Security Administration actually processes W2's and forwards the information to the IRS.  1099's however are processed by the IRS directly.The closest statistic I can find is that in 2022 there were 117,820,074 tax returns processed that showed salaries and wages (W2 income) on them.  That does not allow for returns where the taxpayers have multiple W2's nor does it allow for people who received a W2 and did not file a tax return, so all I can say is the number of W2's is something larger than 117M.
Are there any online templates for printing 2022 1099-MISC's from Excel or Word?
The link to the official forms are here: Page on irs.govIRS can also be contacted if forms need to be mailed to your office.
What happens if I have two W2 tax forms (from two different workplaces) and I file only one of them this year and file the other one next year? Is this allowed?
Bottom line: Never ever not report income the IRS knows you have earned. It's incredibly high probability (I think almost certain) they will enforce action before the statute of limitations runs out.IRS will likely come after you.  W-2's are easy, low-hanging fruit to them. When you get a W-2, the IRS (and likely your state tax authority) also get a copy of the same information.  (This also applies to certain other informational forms and returns like a 1099-MISC, 1099-K or 1065 Partnership Return).If the IRS knows you have W-2 income, they are going to be looking for it to be on your return.Most people think if they file their return and they don't hear back in a month or even a few months that they "got away with it." The reality is that the IRS can come after you as late as 3 years after the due date of that return (so if you are filing 2022 taxes, which are due April 15th, 2022. the IRS can come after you - in most circumstances - as late as April 15th, 2017).In my experience, IRS will likely "mail audit" you where they show you that they were looking for the W-2 and you didn't put it on there.  They will "suggest" your new income and tax liability after including that income on your return, and expect you to pay the difference.  You can expect interest and potentially underpayment penalties, and if the amount is large enough or they perceive your intentionally trying to evade taxes, then they can issue further accuracy-related penalties on you.
What's the status of the new IRS guidance allowing voluntary withholding for 1099 contractors?
If you want to have withholding done as a contractor the easiest thing to do is not provide your tax identification number on form W9. This forces the payor to withhold 28% federal tax from your payment and remit it to the IRS. Depending on its size and sophistication, your client may be very annoyed at having to do this process. The mandatory withholding rule was for government contractors and the law never became effective.However, there are some things you might try instead. I once did tax returns for a real estate agent who was only paid when he sold a house. We managed his tax payments by making a deposit every time he got a check. The IRS website: Pay Taxes by Electronic Funds Withdrawal will accept payments as often as you need to make them. I recommend paying about 20% of each check. Please remember that many States also require similar estimated tax payments during the year.
The IRS requested me to pay back $2500. What should I do?
My advice: the tax code is a wall full of books, and that requires professional help. If you don't have a tax person, get one, and put the matter up for review. Maybe they're right, maybe they aren't. The rank and file IRS folks are pretty neutral, but they make all sorts of mistakes, so there's no need to actually take their demand letter at face value without review. Also, be aware that the clock ticks on these things, so don't miss any deadlines. At the end of the day, if you do owe a pile of money that you don't have immediately available, they will cut a monthly payment deal with you.  This happened to me when I was a couple of years out of school. Thanks to a screwup by my tax adviser, I paid too little on my quarterlies, and got caught flat footed, owing a bill that was about 20% of my salary. It took a coupla years to pay off, but it was no big deal, except for one surreal conversation wherein I got the guy to agree that the IRS did, in fact recieve a check from me every single month for the entire duration of the payment scheme, some of which arrived before, and some of which arrived after the due day, but all of which arrived, and therefore I had actually paid everything I owed up to that date.
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